How much does a bathroom remodel cost?

How much? This question is oftentimes the first one to arise when someone considers hiring a general contractor to renovate or remodel their bathroom. But how do you know what prices are reasonable, too good to be true, or astronomically high?

Good indicators are this, as a general rule: a small bathroom, with light remodeling (a new mirror, some new fixtures, repainting, and general light work, typically averages around $10,000. A full renovation, which can include new walls, conversions of showers to baths, moving toilets or adding sinks, and what could be considered true construction, especially of a master bathroom, can range anywhere from $35,000 to $50,000.

An important distinction here is the difference between remodeling and renovating. A remodeling could be considered an update. The ‘bones’ of the small bathroom will not be moved. The pipes will remain where they are, and the sinks, toilets, and shower or bath will remain where they were. The appliances may be updated, and some light flooring may be updated along with painting, but the bathroom will look very much the same structurally after it is remodeled. Think of restoring a classic car, they may remodel it in the sense that new seats are upholstered and interiors refinished, along with paint and light body work, but often times the engine, body, and seat frames themselves all remain.

A renovation however, is much more in depth. A renovation can mean walls are removed, pipes are relocated, heating potentially added along with full addition of appliances or total conversions. This can include the adding of vanities, shower to tub or vice versa, the adding of cabinets or other storage, and the relocation or addition of lighting, mirrors, or other water and electric fixtures. This would be the equivalent of a ‘full rebuild’ on that same car. Engines rebuilt or changed, hood scoops, wings, suspension all changed. It is simply a much larger (and thus more expensive) project.

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